HANSEN: A KING Delivers on His PROMISE [album review]

Behold, the great 2019 love album has come ashore, and, ‘as promised,’ it is singer King Promise, Ghanaian pop’s current vocal monarch, who has delivered it. The fifteen songs that comprise Gregory Bortey Newman’s maiden CD are ferried by tantalising experimentation, a stainless style, and ambient dazzle. Simply put, it’s a product nestled in the […]

HANSEN: On Sugar, KiDi does impress, but only just

Widely heralded as the great LYNX album following lukewarm critical appraisal of Kuami Eugene’s Rockstar, Sugar, KiDi’s debut does impress for sure, but only just. Resident lover boy or not, hearing KiDi gloat over being superior sweetener to the blouse-wearing sex (as evidenced by his fixation with the titular presence of the sweet-tasting, soluble carbohydrates), […]

HALLELUJAH! Amy Kasim shares sublime debut

“Hallelujah,” singer Amy Kasim’s debut offering builds up gradually, gently working its way into one’s spirit till it arrives at an emphatic crescendo–yet its appeal is also immediate. Spanning nearly five minutes, the entire song—verse and hook—comprise a single word; that Hebrew call to worship that also commands greater grace and an atmosphere of miracles. […]

The 2019 Accra Music Expo: ENews Takeaways!

Saturday, March 16, 2019- AMA Forecourt, Accra. I. “Kwɛ, akpa? Amɛ’mmale kraa,” exclaimed a raucous voice from behind Oko Likpi—like he didn’t just hear the music cease, or an announcement that the party was coming to an end.  Oko Likpi cracked a smile and then turned sharply in his seat to confirm from whence this […]

An anthem for days – Stonebwoy’s Kpokɛkɛ – A REVIEW

Stonebwoy’s Kpokɛkɛ ditches pity for pomp. It comes from a place where worries don’t get a seat at the high table, and cheer gets defined properly. There are no clothed pretences – the kind that lives, dies and resurrects – in the Instagram search box. The song’s strength is its chill and anthem efficacy. It […]

#SITE15: R2Bees flex old muscles for modern fit

On ‘Site 15’, R2Bees’ new album, the hiplife band perpetuate the exact sonic defiance that has secured them repetitive triumph in a radio climate structured on transient ‘vibes’ and perishable ‘waves’. A radio fixture since ‘Da Revolution I’, their searing 2009 debut, the duo — Faisal Hakeem (Paedae da Pralem/ Omar Sterling) and Rashid Mugeez […]

‘My Life’ returns after 8 Years – Trigmatic, A.I, M.anifest, Worlasi – A REVIEW

A good portion of what radio heads feed on these days, isn’t cuisine for the soul. It is something bland; unimpressive piecing together of burned-out frothy notes repackaged as music for your dancing feet. There are the oft-whipped, conflicted narratives that speak to nothing in particular except bellies in need of sensory healing and nerves […]

Chants of a HERO and a Lord who knows his LEVEL – The Dec. 28 Tale of two deities

“See how peaceful proceedings are here; no gidigidi whatsoever,” said a weary voice from a scruffy jacket in the yard, to no one in particular. “I’ve not even sighted wee around here,” he continued the unsolicited oration. “Had it been the other guy’s show, this whole venue would reek of illicit odors.” Passing by was […]