Powerful culture, majestic heritage – a day at the AFRICAN MARKET!

There, on this Thursday afternoon, adjacent the A & C Mall and painted all-white, stood the famous African Market Shopping Center. A magnificent edifice, it was littered with numerous artefacts of African origin. Soothing Kojo Antwi classics filled one’s ears, and a cool breeze caressed his forearms. An exhibition was ongoing. All around the building, […]

The African Market marks AU Day celebrations with 10- day Gift Fair

The African Market in East Legon (next to the A&C Mall), will serve as venue for a special 10 – day Gift Fair from May 17 -27. Described as “the hub of authentic artefacts produced by artisans across the African continent”, it will see a parade of several exquisite indigenous artefacts as fabrics and fashion, […]