Økuntakinte to drop farewell E.P

It’s been a quiet few months for Økuntakinte, and this silence was sudden for an artist of his talent and caliber who burst on the scene with such a unique sound. There were rumors that his unique sound had been muffled by the dominating hiplife and azonto genre. Also rumors that as he is still […]

PEP JUNIA: On Okuntakinte’s Music

Music in Ghana evolves each passing day, as each generation comes with a new breeze of rhythms that in a way or the other challenge the course of melody and the definition of Ghanaian music. In the midst of this has emerged the birth of a new sensation and over the past year, he has […]

Okuntakinte Unveils Website

Since we stepped into 2016, controversy has riddled Ghana’s first ever Afro-electric dance music artiste. Okuntakinte’s unique sound has been the talk of social media and has stirred a variety of trending topics from #MelaninGirls to his ‘Work’ video cover. The Ghanaian music audience have adapted an interesting response to the new sound from Okuntakinte. […]