NANA YAA ASABEA: new breed of “side chics” are also married

She saw affection and fire and gravitated towards it… he saw a beautiful smile and couldn’t let go. We sometimes imagine certain things we wish existed in our relationships/marriages.  Most of us are guilty of having these hidden fantasies which gets even worse when we notice other couples possess and flaunt what we so secretly […]

 NANA YAA ASABEA: Societal Bastards

…conceived in love, born out of wedlock “We knew she would amount to nothing and now she’s carrying a bastard!” They whispered among themselves as Owusua made her way through the market square in Asankragua. She couldn’t actually hear them speak but their piercing gazes were enough to enable her read their minds. She knew […]

NAYA’S COLUMN: “I Sponsored My Wedding”

  I met this guy a couple years back and fell miserably in love with him. Regardless of the differences in our societal status, I still made sure Duke was comfortable in my company. Soon, I introduced him to friends and family and ensured he was accepted by them all; not that I cared about […]

NANA YAA ASABEA: Rejected By The Church For Looking Too “Poor”

If God loves us all, why can’t the church do same? “Who’s that weird looking boy?” I could hear a lady ask another as soon as I took a seat on the third row while the sermon was on-going. I could feel hundreds of eyeballs rolling towards my direction as I made way for the […]

NAYA’S COLUMN: Help Needed! My Boyfriend Is Sleeping With My Mother

Sometimes it’s not the people who change; it’s the mask that falls off! Frankie (my first and only boyfriend) and I have been together for a while now; living in absolute peace and harmony for two years without a minute of separation. Naturally blessed with eyes for fine men, I carefully selected this well crafted […]

NANA YAA ASABEA: Taking A Love Detour (Confessions Of A Lesbian)

  Now before you start to say anything to judge the character in our issue for this week’s column, kindly take a minute to read through what Felicia (actual name withheld) suffered in the hands of men before choosing to go the ‘opposite direction’. She started, “I used to be all straight and totally into […]

NaYa’s Column: I give her money…she still denies me sex

 Is this fair?                                      Doris Koomson and I have been in a committed relationship for about a year now. Not a day goes by without us speaking to each other; I would usually flood her phone with love notes I had carefully prepared just to make her feel loved, how perfect! She however denies me the […]

NANA YAA ASABEA: Women, why you should never propose to a man

The trending social media debate on whether or not a woman should step up her game to propose to a man she finds attractive has been going on for quite a while now and what I found surprising were the number of women who were literally prepared to embark on this proposal spree without considering […]

Molested at 8…confessions of a teenage girl

After coming out last week with my deepest secret, I must say that I was astonished at the number of young females who opened up to me via social media and in person with regards to similar ordeals they’ve been through. One of such persons was Jeannette (actual name withheld), an eighteen (18) year old […]

NANA YAA ASABEA: I’m 31, he’s 21…could this be love?

Age is no barrier, it’s a limitation you put on your mind. – Jackie Joyner-kersee The question of age gaps in relationships has always been an issue in our society. It’s mostly considered a norm for a woman to settle with a man who’s ten (10), twenty (20) or even thirty (30) years older but […]