I’M GONE! New Mutombo Da Poet piece OUT SOON!

Prolific Ghanaian poet/ creative Mutombo Da Poet is set to publish a new track in coming days. He made this announcement via micro-blogging platform Twitter. Captivating artwork for the piece (designed by Bright Ackwerh shows Mutombo and Eli A Free (who is guest act on the record) serving as pallbearers drenched in the unbearable grief […]

VIDEO: 89 – Joey B ft. Mutombo Da Poet

Joey B’s latest single, 89 makes copious reference to the music and culture of the 80s and 90s, and features popular spoken word act Mutombo the Poet. The song also forms the title track of Joey’s forthcoming debut album. RELATED: You and me, our quest to explain Joey B’s (new-found) solitude, etc. Directed by fellow […]

LISTEN: Mutombo Da Poet discusses disturbing childhood in gripping new single “Femur”

Poet Mutombo Da Poet has unveiled his latest single “Femur” a few after releasing his widely received “Some Other Place”. In the compelling piece produced by MF DOOM, Mutombo remembers with courage, what a troubling journey his past has been, yet proclaiming that he’s emerged victorious ultimately. “went through the rain, stepped on fire. We […]

Mutombo Da Poet releases “Femur” tomorrow

Prolific Ghanaian spoken-word artist Mutombo Da Poet is set to release a new piece “Femur” tomorrow, October 28. Located within the thigh, the femur is not merely the one bone in that part of the body, it is also the longest and the strongest bone in the human body, extending from the hip to the […]

VIDEO: Some Other Place – Mutombo Da Poet

Prolific Ghanaian spoken-word artist Mutombo Da Poet has been on the poetry scene since 2006. In many respects, he’s a forerunner among contemporary poets from the country. His 2012 debut Photosentences still enjoys favourable reviews, and is a reference point for lyrical dexterity and depth of thought. In this new single, he expresses a longing […]

WATCH: Spoken Word – Mutombo Da Poet – ‘I Speak’

Mutombo Da Poet, a ‘household’ name when it comes to spoken word poetry in Ghana, and has been active since 2006 has put a new video out. ‘I Speak’ is a spoken word piece, which talks the things he went through as a kid because of his stammer. Watch the video.