Lokhanda empowers University of Ghana students to combat campus sexual Assault

To others, women empowerment is only providing women with the opportunity to be economically and financially independent. But to Lokhanda, in addition to the above, empowering women includes equipping them with quick and effective safety awareness and self-defence skills. As part of this year’s Women’s Health Fair, the Department of Theatre Arts-University of Ghana supported […]

Lokhanda empowers widows and disabled of Senya Beraku

Ghana’s premier and pre-eminent Self-defense Organization, Lokhanda, as part of its fervent effort in empowering women and promoting gender equality, collaborated with the African Widows and Disabled Foundation (AWDF) to empower widows and disables of the Senya Bereku district in the Central region of Ghana. Lokhanda is one of Africa’s leading personal safety organisations training […]