Ghana’s youngest film producer Umar Krupp releases new movie titled “Baabani”

Africa’s youngest movie producer and actor Umar Krupp is yet to release the much anticipated movie titled ‘Baabani. Umar Krupp has once again demonstrated his movie skills and abilities in this suspense packed film, full of intrigue, drama and education. “Baabani” is a story about a 16 years old teenager girl Samira (Eman sinare ) […]

Jackie Appiah, Fred Amugi, Kobi Rana star in Sala

Starring Jackie Appiah, Fred Amugi, Kalsoume Sinare, and Kobi Rana, Sala is a deviation  from the “one way” pattern Ghanaians are used to. At least, that is according to Kobi Rana, who also produces this film. He describes the film as a “true African film” which fuses Hausa, Ga, Twi, pidgin, and sign language: