#PromucorpCorner with dj ALjahZEEra: MUSIC TOURISM

Music tourism benefits cities to the tune of billions of dollars each year. Tourism assets include a city’s year-round live music scene, music festivals and historical music landmarks. A few cities have developed comprehensive music tourism strategies that involve music-based branding, promotional campaigns, way-finding apps and other social media strategies, investment in music infrastructure and […]

#PromucorpCorner with dj ALjahZEEra: “THE STREAMING ECONOMY”

Traditionally, radio was the most important way for fans to discover music and new artists. While it is still a highly relevant medium in today’s transitional phase of the music business, another discovery tool’s relevance is increasing rapidly: the playlist. The two largest streaming services, Spotify and Apple Music, both make heavy use of curated […]

#PromucorpCorner with dj ALjahZEEra: THE MUSIC BUSINESS!

The music business is a high-risk business. It is driven by profits that are often elusive to the very music artists who generate revenues for record companies and those who work in the various capacities and occupations that comprise and sustain the music industry. The music that we listen to as fans or music lovers […]

Ghana’s Vegas Ace enlists top Gabonese band for GEORGINA (Remix)

In a groundbreaking collaboration which proves what masterful art can result from collaboration from various parts of the continent, Ghana’s Vega Ace partners Gabonese super-band BGMFK, for a remix of the sensational Afropop joint “Georgina”. Produced by fast-rising engineer and Takoradi native, Willis Beatz, the song looks to further emphasise the magic of creative alliances […]

TO THE WORLD! Meet DJ AljahZEEra, Ghana’s new force in global music broadcasting!

Dj AljahZEEra is an urbane, passionate, articulate, zealous, innovative entrepreneur, industrial engineer, professional radio broadcaster, entertainment writer, music researcher and a millennial radio content developer. Dj AljahZEEra represents a new force in Ghanaian, African and global media industries as a powerful broadcasting personality who is able to meaningfully connect with his peers in a digital […]