Women-led poetry showcase ‘Women and Words’ to be held on December 21

An event to inspire and highlight the capabilities of women through poetry and performance will be held on Friday, December 21, 2018. The event dubbed ‘Women and Words’ will see presentations by Ghanaian women performers on the power, magic, resilience and influence of women. It is convened by Cynthia Amoah, a U.S. based Ghanaian Spoken […]

#BlackSTARDELIGHT – Spoken Word Artiste Cynthia Amoah on inspiration & Passion

US-based Ghanaian spoken Word artist Cynthia Amoah talks to us about her journey, what inspires her, the desire to study Law sometime in the future amongst other issues. What influenced the decision to be a spoken word artist? Spoken word poetry, more specifically, aside from just poetry as an entity is what always resonated with […]