BTS: Top celebs sign up for #MuseParticipate

Several artistes have joined Muse Africa, Oxfam Ghana and The Rave Media Group to educate the youth on the need to take part in the upcoming elections through music. Dubbed #MuseParticipate, it is a non-partisan multi-layered social advocacy campaign that seeks to engage the attention of young people between ages 18-34 years drawing on the […]

METANOIA EP: Of Cina’s soul

Even the artwork for Metanoia, singer Cina Soul’s debut EP trended on Twitter several days before the actual project was released for download online. That was a sign! Through seven tracks, Metanoia trundles both delicately and fearlessly in a toothsome mix of indigenous and world sounds, the clichés of love and loss. Women (especially) have […]