#ENEWSGHPoeticLicence: Daydream – Asford PSALM

The night visions beckon me to a wake. I have stayed all night to figure it right; From the mammoth to its tiny bits.   Night is gone, day is here; But I’m stuck in a looping rear. For a reason or the other and though the sun is here; It seems to have not […]

#ENEWSGHPoeticLicence: Escape – Asford PSALM

Up-above or down-below, there’s so much but nothing to show. Down-below or up-above there’s everywhere but nowhere to go. The option is a smiling face yet a hurting heart; A sweating face mixed with tears which cannot be abate. A mustard seed faith which is damned by fate. There is an exigent need to escape. […]

#ENEWSGHPoeticLicence: Self-ish-less – Asford Psalm

Consider oneself less, lest others perception of you will be of a mongering nature- Selfish. Selfishness is the inclination towards oneself. But to what extent does an act qualify to be selfish? If unclear, act selfless. Consider yourself less and others’ perception of you shall be just. Isn’t that hypocritical?   To what extent does […]

#ENEWSGHPoeticLicence: Corpus – Asford PSALMS

From glory came the earth; And from the earth, sand. From sand came forth man; And man brought forth sin. For the reasons and reasoning, I care not. But for the redemption plan god had for man, He sent down, in essence, His son to live with, for, and amongst men.   It appointed for […]

#ENEWSGHPoeticLicence: Instauration – Asford PSALMS

The suspiration of a being signals either of two extremes; A heartsome man or one in worrisome. The watershed from cheer to worry is easier than its reverse. An essence to revert from one’s brokenness is the reason for life itself.   A tile no matter how broken it is, if painstakingly mended back together, […]

#ENEWSGHPoeticLicence: Drift – Asford Psalm

Change is constant. How we did get here might be different. Yet still, we are brought to this ever-evolving dimension. I was brought here too, through the common path. Shortly after my pull into the new world I knew not, I heared voices. Voices of shouts of success. Atleast that is what I think. And […]

#ENEWSGHPoeticLicence: Grey Area – Asford Psalms

The foreign winter sips into the new year. The African harmattan sleeps but wakes and creeps into the month of the same year. Grey is the colour I see. The eve of the new year is the three hundred and more days lived again. A new checklist is written again. The old one, indifferent all […]

#ENEWSGHPoeticLicence: Penna – Asford Psalms!

A truth sayer or a lie teller. An instrument of just or an instrument with lust. And it loves to tell the fate. It wouldn’t mind if it chooses your dismay.   An instrument from history. An instrument of history. A tool in the present and one into the mystery.   You have won many […]

#ENEWSGHPoeticLicence: Hopeless Hope – Asford Psalm

Once ago, there lived a man by name Chance and his wife- Hope. The birth their children; Past, Present and Future. Long before Present and Future, Past was their one and only. He got most of what he wanted. Yet, he grew into what they didn’t suggest. By his unruly behavior, they begat the Present, […]

#ENEWSGHPoetic Licence: Sesquipedalian – ASFORD PSALMS

Shush up already- can you? Please, can you?   I have been silent enough. But you whisper in echoes into my ears- that’s too much! Please! Just be quiet and don’t be tough.   I hear you but it’s enough. Be silent and don’t act tough. I hear you babbling out your countless master plans. […]