I didn’t have a passion for Modelling, I learned to love it – Araba Sey Reveals

Araba Sey, a fast-rising Ghanaian fashion model and brand influencer has shared how she learned to love modelling even though she initially didn’t have a passion for the craft. The model during a recent interview in Nigeria spoke about how she learnt to love modelling, and how people around her inspired her. “Modelling wasn’t something […]

There is no financial security in Modeling – GTP Model Araba Sey

The modelling industry is not as financially secured as many assume, says Ghanaian model Araba Sey. Speaking during a recent interview in Nigeria, she dismissed the notion that professionals in the industry are financially stable because they often wonder when the next pay cheque will come from. “Modelling is not like being in an office […]

ARABA SEY: When passion meets talent

Passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion or a desire, interest and belief in something. It’s the spice that triggers or contributes meaning or purpose to talent and career discovery. Many people in their daily lives struggle to realize their talent. In situations where talent becomes uneasy to be discovered, passion paves the way […]

GUEST BLOG: Model Araba SEY discusses talent, personal growth & career development

“The reality and interesting thing is everyone has a talent.The knowledge lacking in the minds and thoughts of people is how they define it and how to find or discover it. “Talent is when you are exceptionally good at something,or have the natural ability to flow or do something deftly. Ordinarily when we mention talent, […]

Araba Sey Mentors Young Models At Pentecost University [+images]

Top Ghanaian model Araba Sey recently mentored young and aspiring models on how to  create a solid career in the industry. She was invited by Gyimodels Agency to mentor and inspire the young aspiring models at Pentecost University, as well as other tertiary institutions. Araba revealed in a interview that she honoured the invitation as […]

Araba Sey readies “Sey Your Mind” initiative

Ghanaian model, Araba Sey is set to launch the “Sey Your Mind” initiative to allow for exchange of thoughts between models and the general public to create awareness about the modeling industry. Araba has, for sometime now, submitted her thoughts via weekly articles on things that need to be done right for models to have […]

Araba Sey: The growing thirst of today’s youth in wanting to become models

The alarming rate at which the interest, desperation and enthusiasm for modelling among today’s youth are shocking.In today’s world (21st Century) technology has taken over hence the use of social media by most people and especially over 50% of the youth. The social media compulsion has caused a lot of the youth to become desperate […]

Araba Sey: WE (models) are not sex tools for you to TOY WITH

Models have so much pressure and a lot to offer today. We compete with reality stars, actresses, musicians and top celebrities for magazines and ad campaigns. We wear beautiful and extravagant outfits.We look drop-dead gorgeous and attend high profile events, to most people outside the Modeling Industry, in the world of fashion and beauty it […]

Araba Sey: Most Models remain in the dark and are unexposed due to poor branding

Modeling like any other job is a respectable brand and challenging career that needs to be handled in the right way and held in high esteem. Modeling has become highly competitive and demanding in today’s world.Many top models are making millions of money out of it and people are growing more love and admiration for […]

Araba Sey: Modeling is a Passion

Passion is a compelling enthusiasm or excitement about doing something. It is a strong and barely controllable emotion. When beginning your journey in the modeling industry, there are certain qualities required to survive such a challenging career to be able to face and navigate through the industry and that’s being passionate. Most people dream of […]