Kumasi based singer cum actress Yaa Jackson has hit hard on her critics on her new single.

Titled “Omo Beka” which translates Talkative the tear rubber hitmaker addresses controversies around her, that people are using to bring her down.

She talks about her music, lifestyle and social media life. Yaa Jackson says she is getting fed up with the many hatred she is getting as a young songstress.

The actress who ventured into music this year, was in the news when she released a controversial track titled ‘Tear Rubber’ earlier this year and even dropped a music video for it.

She’s proven that she’s versatile as she combines acting and music while schooling as well.

Yaa Jackson is the daughter of movie producer and director, Jackson K. Bentum and started acting at an early age. She was just 2 years when she was featured in her first movie, ‘Okukuseku’ which had the likes of the late Bob Santo, Agya Ntow and co–That was a very popular movie back then.

She started her professional acting career when she was 12 years and has been acting since.

Listen to the song below:

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