Fast-rising sports agency, Sterling Sports Africa have signed teenage sensation Richmond Asamoah after excelling at the Milo Championship.

Richmond Asamoah was named Most Valuable Player in the Milo games in the Ashanti Region and in the Top 8 competition.

Asamoah currently plays for Believers FC, an Under-17 team in the Ashanti Region and has shown promise of becoming a great player.

“We as an agency are very happy Asamoah’s guardians decided to release him to us to manage him,” CEO of Sterling Sports Africa, Sakibu Nuhu said.

“Considering what he has achieved so far with the Milo Games, I believe there are greater things yet to happen with his career and game in totality.

“As an agency, we will do everything we can to move his career to the highest level as possible.”

Sakibu Nuhu, a former player himself has keen on ensuring the youngster’s dream come true.

Richmond Asamoah joins Aduana Stars stalwart defender Caleb Amankwah as part of talents on the roaster of the Agency.

From a family of four, he is the third child. He grew up in Amakom and played for Believers FC in Amakom.

He started from the Under 13 and now in the Under 17 of Believers FC.

He finished AMASS and his coach picked him as part of the team to play a the Ashanti Milo Games. He won the Best player of the Tournament and in the TOP 8 competition, he was adjudged the Best Midfielder.

He be will play at the Milo Regional Games in August. He is inspired by Sergio Bousquet.



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