Ahead of the release of her African Mermaid EP, singer/ socialite, Deborah Vanessa, aka Sister Derbie has issued a record emphasises the need to remain hydrated with water as it has a direct bearing on the integrity of a person’s skin.

Produced by Jeribeatz, “Taking a Water,” as the number is christened, is set to playful dance rhythm.

The song’s scintillating video attendant shows Vannessa cavort gloriously, flaunting a glowing epidermis that she complements her spiel extolling the prettifying quality of water.

“Taking a Water” arrives as an addition to social campaigns she has taken on, the other prominent one being her quest to have Ghana ban harmful single-use plastics (plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic straws) within the shortest possible time.

Songs like “Uncle Obama,” and “Ghana Jollof,” being a sibling to the controversial Wanlov Da Kubolor, and ex-girlfriend of rapperĀ  MEDiKAL, as well as her unapologetic expression of her quiddities on social media, have all ensured that she is regular showbiz fodder.

Sister of controversial rapper Wanlov, Deborah Vanessa has also been involved in broadcasting, modelling, and graphic design.

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