Ghana-based Afro-Carib Reggae Dancehall Online Magazine and Edutainment TV show will on June 11 air its first official episode.


SkankingVibezTV with its ideal motive of projecting what really the Reggae Dancehall Fraternity or Musical Genre stands for rather than the stereotyped ideology of the mass which portrays “violence and use of foul words”. The show aims at educating musical talents who seek to ply their talent performing reggae and dancehall about the genre.


The show seeks to also bridge the “Talent-Investor” space and calls on prominent individuals or corporate brands to sponsor creative minds and talents.


The TV show entails four (4) segments, The Musical Videos Countdown, which brings to you the chart of trending videos, The Interview which unearths the heroes behind the scenes including Talent Managers, Investors, Artiste Repertoire, Sound Engineers, TV & Radio Personalities, Entertainment Journalists, Publicist, Bloggers et al. The segment also includes Top Trends which brings to you all the trendy news in the reggae dancehall space in Africa and the world at large and the last segment dubbed “Who Inspires You More.”

Watch the video below:


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