Kasapreko company limited, one of the leading and most successful beverage producing company in Ghana emerged among the Top 25 most admired brands in Africa.

This was announced at the 7th annual Brand Africa report in Belgium on the 24th May 2019.

Kasapreko company limited is the only Ghanaian business that made it to the top 25 most admired brands in Africa, according to the report unveiled by Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in partnership with Geopoll, Kantar, Brand Leadership and Africa Business Magazine.

Brand Africa 100 is a Pan Africa survey and ranking of Africa’s best brand developed by Brand Leadership.

The rankings are based on a comprehensive survey by Geopoll, a global leader in providing high-quality market research in emerging markets and strategies analysis weighted by consumer admiration and Kantar, the world leading Data, Insight and consulting firm.

Kasapreko Company Limited beats brands such as Amarula, Jumia, Kenya Airways,  Ethiopian Airlines,  Star Beer, Kwese among others in the categories of Alcoholic Beverages, Retail,  Aviation, Food, Media and Personal Care.


Commenting on the award, Mr. Richard Adjei, Managing Director of Kasapreko said  , This honour is dedicated to the hard working staff of the company,  Key distributors and partners for their continues support and growth to the organisation.

He also thanked the customers and consumers of kasapreko brands on the continent which has seen the company been ranked as the most indigenous Ghana beverage provider in Africa.

Mr. Gerald Bonsu, the commercial Director also added that the company’s brand portfolio holds the most loved brands such as Alomo Bitters, Storm Energy Drink, Awake Purified Drinking Waater , K20 Whiskey,  sold in the world.

Mr. Bonsu assured that the Flagship brand of the product of KCL , Alomo Bitters is in its 20th Anniversary.

Alomo Bitters which is a scientifically formulated herbal alcoholic beverage has met all international students selling in many countries across the world.

Kasapreko Company Limited is a multi-National total beverage company having with product line categories such as Water, Wine, Cider, Liquor and whiskey.

The company has bagged several awards including West Africa Business Excellence Awards,  Export Manufacturing company of the year, Alcoholic Bitter of the year (Alomo Bitters, Manufacturer of the year (Kasaperko Company Limited) , Best Local Tax Compliance Company of the Year by Ghana Revenue Authority,  ISO Certified Company and Ghana Club 100 among others …


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