AMG beyond Kontrol frontman Medikal is is set to treat students of the Sunyani Technical University to an exciting performances come 27th April 2019.

The event will be hosted by  Live FMs Sheldon The TurnUp and Pure FM’s  DJ Aroma on the turntables amidst other campus DJs and Mcs the event promises to be full of fun and energy

Dubbed “Club Shandy Block Out Party”, the event is connecting with Student of the various Tertiary students and drive daytime sampling”

There will also be an Open bar, Grills, Temporary Tattoo’s, Art exhibitions, Graffiti Paintings and pose on the Shady Swing.

Club Shandy ‘Bosoe’ is a refreshing beverage with a touch of lemon extract which gives it an invigorating taste. It has low alcohol by volume (ABV) content of 2% and appeals to fun lovers and individuals who generally enjoy their drink with low alcohol content.

Doubting to show up check out scenes and moments from two weeks ago in Ho below:


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