CWG Ghana, a full-service IT company, has stressed that it continues to pursue excellence in its business and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as it presents its annual best Computer Science student award to the best graduating student from the University of Ghana’s Computer Science department.

“Excellence is an integral part of the corporate culture of CWG and this has defined CWG’s approach to our CSR projects, business and service delivery over the years,” Harriet Yartey, Managing Director, CWG Ghana said.

Presenting the 2018 prize to Oreoluwa Ogundipe, the 20-year-old who came out top in the Computer Science department, Mrs. Yartey added that excellence cuts across all the sectors that the company serves.

CWG Ghana has sponsored the best graduating student from the Computer Science department of the University of Ghana for more than half a decade, to highlight its belief of supporting the best information technology talents for the nation’s future. This is the first award won by a male in the last five years.

Mrs. Yartey pointed out that the annual award presentation is an attestation of the importance CWG places on hardwork and qualitative education. “We boast of an array of professionals whose expertise has formed the core of service providers across Africa. Our premium on quality workforce explains our emphasis on quality education,” she further noted.

Mrs. Yartey assured that CWG Ghana will continue to support students at the university and will soon extend it to other tertiary institutions. She stressed that education ultimately offers young people the best opportunity in life to achieve their dreams and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Mr. Ogundipe, who currently works at expressPay, a leading payment processing company, as a data and software engineer, noted that it feels good to be acknowledged and rewarded for hard work.

“I feel good and it is a nice acknowledgement. I hope it keeps the students inspired to do more to win such awards. I am currently working here and also helping build the tech community. It is not easy but once you put in the work, you will be fine and it gets easier as you keep putting in the work,” he said, while thanking CWG for the honour.

CWG Ghana Limited, a member of the pan-African Information Communication Technology Company, CWG Plc., is a full-service IT company providing products and services that cut across the ICT value chain of hardware, software and communications. CWG Ghana therefore has a diversified customer base and is represented in various sectors of the Ghanaian economy, such as telecoms, banking & financial services, oil & gas, utilities, services and recently SMEs.

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