Easter is here again with families readying themselves for big feasts during the season. There will be meat. Lots of it. If you have ever thought of making eggs your main protein and not the top-up for your regular meat or fish, here is more to why you need to think of making a difference in your meals this Easter with eggs.

Unfortunately, eggs often get a bad rap about being high in cholesterol compared to other foods, so a lot of people are unsure whether to include them in their diet. Studies show that dietary cholesterol in eggs doesn’t adversely affect cholesterol levels in the blood.

As part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle, eggs are great. They’re a fantastic source of protein and ‘good’ HDL cholesterol. They’re also full of vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fats and nutrients.

Herbalife Ghana is encouraging Ghanaians to eat healthy and lead a healthy active lifestyle. On the occasion of Easter, the company is calling for an inclusion of eggs in our diets to promote good health.

Fry them, poach them, scramble them; there are some tips to note when adding eggs to your diet. Frying an egg can increase its fat content by up to 50%. Better to boil, poach or scramble.   You may need to scramble in a non-stick pan to avoid adding oil. And use skimmed milk or a non-dairy alternative instead of cream.

Made in the morning, a hard-boiled egg makes a healthy, protein-rich snack to keep hunger at bay until lunchtime.

An egg-white omelette keeps the calories down, but you will miss out on all the vitamins and nutrients if you always lose the yolk.  Consider baking eggs with your favourite vegetables. Frittatas & shirred eggs are a great way to up your veggie intake in a delicious and healthy way.

In Ghana, there is a national campaign already on eating eggs for good health. The three-year campaign, dubbed: “Egg-cite your day,” is to encourage every Ghanaian to eat an egg a day. The overall purpose of the campaign is to help educate consumers and the public with messages that will break the myth surrounding cholesterol associated with eggs and boost Ghana’s poultry sector.




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