Fast-rising musician, Mish J is set to premiere her sophomore single ‘Colours’ after her debut single ‘Hearts Won’t Lie’.

Mish J disclosed the song is basically about getting to know someone who is always pretending to be what he or she isn’t.

Mish J sees the complexity in the life of her supposed lover and desires his true layers to be uncovered.“Love is a beautiful thing and must be revealed in its beauty. It doesn’t have to be directed to the colour of skin or race.”

Talking about ‘Colours’ which is a single off her upcoming album ‘Lost But Free’ she revealed; “love must come from within and with all sincerity.  True love cannot be faked and there are no boundaries or limitations. The believe that love is blind is quite wrong because, you cannot love with a blind heart.  Love goes beyond the physical.  It’s a spiritual bond between two special forces (Spirit Beings) and one should not toy with the heart of others if they are not ready to go on a clean sheet journey.”

Listen to ‘Colours’ below:

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