“The Board of 3Music Awards wishes to express its profound gratitude to all stakeholders who contributed in diverse ways towards the success of the second edition.

“We are particularly grateful to all our sponsors for the confidence they reposed in us, the artistes on the bill for their thrilling performance, our loyal patrons who trooped to the venue in their numbers, and the media for their continuous support of a young, local initiative.

“While expressing our sincere gratitude to all stakeholders, we also congratulate all award nominees and award winners for their respective efforts and excellence in the year under review.

“The 3Music Board recognises the valiant efforts of all nominees. However, eventual winners of most award categorise are determined by 60% public voting and 40%  board and academy considerations. The only categories which were 100% determined by the board and academy were the technical categories of album of the year, video of the year and legends awards.

“Meanwhile, we have noted with seriousness, concerns of our patrons; both at the Fantasy Dome and those who keenly observed proceedings on television. We wish to express our sincere apologies for some mishaps, particularly the late start of the show, as well as some of our VIP guests whose labelled seats were taken up by other guests.

“The 3Music Awards is a growing project, which seeks to truly recognise and award excellence in the Ghanaian music industry. As an entity which places so much emphasis on social media interaction with our patrons, we take their views seriously and we will strive to address some of the concerns they have raised moving forward, to make the scheme even better.

“We can only get better through the constructive criticism of our patrons and the media, and we look forward to such reviews in the coming days.

“We look forward to a bigger and better 3Music Awards in the future.

“We are here for the music.

“Thank you.






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