Budding rapper Yung Pabi has released the episode 5 of his monthly covers dubbed Yung Pabi Sessions.

I love was released by America singer Joyner Lucas in October 2018.

In an interview with enews, the “Who you know” singer said that “Every month I release a cover to a very popular joint, I do that to keep me busy whiles I work on . my next single… I have already released 4 episodes ”

Yung Pabi as an artist who represents originality. He always stands by the fact that being original will guarantee longevity in the industry. The quality of his music is beyond doubt.

As witnessed in the number of tracks he has to his credit. He is not signed to any record label at the moment but was signed on to Blue Paper Entertainment about three years ago while he was in senior high school (St. Thomas Aquinas). He has over twenty songs to his credit with the famous “Soobolo” which features the versatile and talented Wanlov and also “Deep” which he collaborated with his high school mate Big Burn among the lots. Currently, he has one video to his credit, the video for his hit song “deep” which is on an impressive rotation on television channels nationwide. Yung Pabi will be on his way to making a profound impact in the industry with a good start already.

He earned himself large constituency of following while in Senior High School taking into consideration the fact that he was always billed to perform at one Senior High School or another every weekend. He has managed to gain more fans after high school too.

Watch the video below:




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