On “PHD” (Pull Him/Her Down), VRMG head-huncho Edem decries the devitalizing attitude among a cross-section of Ghanaians, particularly within the creative arts circles here.

“Dem dey want make you go far, but not further than them/ Dem dey want make you go high, but not higher than them/ Dem dey want make you be rich oh, but not richer than them/ if you slow down, they want you slower than them,” the musician begins his 3-minute lamentation.

“So we dey for Ghana,” he sighs at other parts of the Lekki-produced highlife joint, which also convincingly relates the ramifications of that unfortunate attribute. “PHD” is the latest in a streak of partnerships between the two creatives, and Edem’s continued interaction with highlife groove.

Other recent offerings from the multiple-award-winning musician include the controversial “Toto,” “Fie Fuor,” “Fokoloyor,” “Mighty Jesus,” “Hurricane,” “Father”  among others. “PHD” is precursor to Edem’s forthcoming new album, “The African Answer.”

Get “PHD” here.

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