OSEI KWAME: Weird is Good

I know—the caption looks like a clickbait. What could he possibly be talking about? Your curiosity has already gotten you through the opening line, and I’m sure you would...
Broadcaster Osei Kwame

I know—the caption looks like a clickbait. What could he possibly be talking about? Your curiosity has already gotten you through the opening line, and I’m sure you would want to continue to unravel what mystery he speaks of.

Have you ever heard a rumour about yourself and wondered: “wait what? That’s me? Wow, that’s gangsta!”

Perception is a very intriguing part of human nature. As beings with these things called brains living and breathing in our skulls, we form our own truths based on our understanding and interpretations of the information we’re fed.

Perception is powerful.

There’s the good, the bad and the ugly. And then there’s delusion. But that’s a completely different conversation.

In order for perception to be formed, there needs to be some interaction; a connection of some sort. This could either be direct or indirect. That’s how come you could be sitting your somewhere, and someone—basedon a very distant connection (via another person or some other medium_)—thinks they know you, constructing their own truths about you.

If you have lived long enough, I’m sure you’ve come to the point where you accept things for the way they are and learn to live with the mantra that people’s perception of you is none of your business. It is entirely their cup of tea.

Trust me, your peace of mind depends on mastering this mantra.

“You’re weird” is something that I hear so many times that if it were currency, I’d be super rich and powerful. At first, I wanted to not be weird—to be normal, to belong; but the older I get, the more I learn to accept me for me and actually bask in my weirdness.

Being different isn’t wrong.

As a matter of fact, I find it quite odd that in a world where everything about every other individual is different (even in the case of identical twins) we often want be similar. I guess it also comes from the comfort we find in familiarity, and our lack of curiosity for understanding that which is unfamiliar. Mystery works up humans, and only a few take up the journey of unraveling what it is they don’t understand.

Some “WEIRD TRUTHS” about me:

Contrary to the attention that comes with my line of work, I’d rather not be the center of attention in any given situation—unless it is very necessary.

I’m awkward and shy (yup, shy!). I feed off kindred energy in the instances where I have to meet new people. If the vibe is off, I’ll probably be looking for an escape (often, my phone, or an excuse to leave the space). A conceded that this could come off as unfriendly or snobbish.

I don’t exactly like meeting new people. I cherish the very mundane routine I have with the select few that I’ve built relationships with over time. But I’m willing to try if your energy intrigues me. Perhaps, it makes me pick, but once I pick, it most likely will be forever—if there’s anything like that.

I’m obsessed with timeliness. This is a switch I can’t turn off for some reason, I can’t “chill” when something has to be done at a certain time—especially meetings. You’d definitely notice that I’m upset by your tardiness. And please, oh please, for your own sake, don’t say “relax it’s only…”

Truth is, I’m not that “hard guy” I’m often perceived to be. I’m the opposite. I’m a softie, albeit a blunt softie, if it makes sense. There’s a lot I could go on about, but that will take away the fun away from the mystery.

I’m not asking to be accepted or not. I’ve already come to terms with being what I am—and I’m basking in my journey of discovery for as long as I live.

We all have our quirks; things that make us different—and that’s exactly what it is that you should live for. There’s a reason we didn’t come out as photocopies of each other. You’re not weird, you’re you!

Enigma is beautiful. Go and Flourish.