Blakk Rasta, the firebrand musician/poet/broadcaster issues new material today February 14, 2019.

Titled “Chagsi Kalanga” and produced by King Jay, the record, which is founded on the sounds of waist beads on a young African girl, is themed on eschewing fornication.

A traditional Simpa sound which is original to the people of Dagbon, “Chagsi Kalanga” narrates the story of a damsel who just receives new waist beads from her mother. The beautiful gift “causes the men in the area swallow their lust anytime they see the young girl come around with the beads on her shapely waistline.”

Dance-ready, the joint arrives in unique “Kuchoko” style–the reggae-based Afro-infused music form Rasta pioneered. It is among Rasta’s first releases for 2019.

Born Abubakar Ahmed, Blakk Rasta is a unique voice on Ghana’s airwaves, and over decades, grown to become one of the most trusted social commentators in the country. An academic, author of multiple critically acclaimed bodies of work, and recipient of a dozen laurels both from Ghana and internationally, Rasta is best known for records as “Barack Obama,” “Ganja Nice,” “Serwaa Akoto,” “Dede,”  “Kofi Annan Says” and a host of other masterpieces.

Listen to “Chagsi Kalanga” below:

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