KristocrazyGH, a  Christian media and events outfit,  in partnership with Solid Rock Chapel International (Faith Miracle Center) announces a February 14 gig dubbed “Chocolate Love.”

Consisting a night of music, dance and Godly advise about sensitive issues on relationships and marriage, the event is hosted by the Solid Rock Chapel and starts at 5.30 pm.

Among notable speakers on the night is Pastor Foster of the Solid Rock Chapel International. He is a seasoned counselor under the leadership of Rev.Dr. Chritie Doh Tetteh.

Pastor Kingsley Osei is a minister and a counselor at Calvary Baptist Church. He is a leader at the counseling unit of his church. Under the leadership of Rev. Dr Fred Deegbe, he has counselled several marriages that have stood the test of time.

Singer ‘Nii Soul’ and Rhema Voices, the host choir, have been named as performing acts on the night.

A red carpet event, which precedes the ma9in event, is designed to help answer the many puzzling questions that plague the hearts of many young men and women.

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