Sarkodie, considered a modern rap icon, and Akan, deemed the future of hiplife, have collaborated on music.

Published moments ago across online platforms, the Ware-made record unpacks the many hurdles a man has to endure in the pursuit of a decent living: including but not limited to the difficult decision to leave family behind in search of greener pastures in a far land.

Instrumentation for the record listens archetypal vintage highlife, recalling a unique 60s vibe. Lyric-wise, both acts ooze dense philosophy via serious tones. There’s also the overwhelming presence of linguistic aptitudes characteristic of Ghanaian royal homes.

It is unclear if “All Die Be Die,” as the song is titled, predicates a new album. While he is constantly publishing singles, Sarkodie has not released an album in two years, and a new body of work is anticipated from his camp. On his part,and signed to A Level Music, Akan’s latest work is the “Onipa Akoma” album (October 2017).

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