One of the benefits of international touring is that Wiyaala gets  to work with producers from other countries. Now, she has come up “Better Treat Me Right”, a collaboration with What’s That Sound Productions, a songwriting and music production house from London.

‘’Better Treat Me Right’’ is a feel-good pop song delivered with Wiyaala’s trademark feisty energy which separates the “lioness” from the “boys” whilst flaunting a flirtatious naughtiness that characterises some of her songs like her evergreen hit “Rock My Body”.

In a upbeat chorus, Wiyaala promises  to “pull out your hair and push you down the stairs” if you, as a man, don’t measure up!

Like many UK production houses there are several remixes of the song, the one featured here is the WTS and Charles Jay Mashup Remix.

Watch the video here:

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