After a successful album launch and musical concert, music band FRA! issues fresh music, specifically for anyone encountering hard times. The record, titled ‘Bibia Beyeyie’ is guested by Dave Da MusicBox. The number, arriving as the group’s first single for 2019, drops Thursday, January 31.

A live accompanying video, recorded at the band’s recent FRAternity Concert II, is due on the same day.

“This is a song of hope for anyone going through trials…to encourage someone today; to tell them that everything will be fine,” submits the band about the joint.

Known for the hit single, ‘Happy Yourself,’ FRA! hit the mainstream in 2015 with the song ‘Dumsor,’ a quasi-satire addressing the erratic power outages in Ghana at the time.

‘FRA,’ in the Ghanaian local dialect Twi, means ‘to mix’ and the group adopted the name to show the strength of their diversity.

Consisting Martin Adjartey, Maxwell Klu, Selorm Dornyoh, Joshua ‘Virgen’ Boateng, and George Ashirifie ‘Gogoe’, the collective recently launched a 10-track album called Fraternity.

Songs on the album are Mmaa (ft. Adomaa), Fra In the Building (ft. Reynolds the Gentleman), Ego Bee (ft. Dave the Musicbox), Crazy (ft. MaaYaa), and Party; the others being Akono Ba (ft. Kyekyeku & Senku Band), Another Day (ft. Robin Huws), Lover (ft. Kueiqu Afro and Susan Augustt), Kokonsa (ft. Six strings) and Moments (ft. O’minor).

The album, which has elements of Highlife, Afrobeat, Techno, Rock and Reggae, was released to critical acclaim.





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