Late last year, the African music industry was introduced to a new ultra dynamic sound known as Tropical Music.

A subtle blend of global instrumentation and Afrocentric lyricism masked with a cloak of trendiness, tropical music is a newly discovered rhythmic groove that would soon take the continent and beyond, by surprise.

Pioneered by Apolo Imon, popularly known simply as Apolo, the tropical sound stretches across all genres of music, connecting them with one underlying base of African drum patterns and live instruments.

POUND AM!, the follow-up single to Apolo’s last release Halima, is sonically a mid-tempo aphrodisiac.

Beginning with the soothing vocals of back up singer Vanessa, supported by the seducing strings of guitarist Juuju, it sets the pace for Apolo’s mellow crusty yet soothing vocals.

The approach Apolo applied to this piece is magical, as you can easily fall under the repetitive spell of its catchy chorus;

‘Comot am, for water, see mortar, see piston, pound am!4x’ which then follows with a drowning hook to keep you stuck on this piece. Produced by none other than Ace – Producer Kuvie, the beat takes you straight to the bedroom while

Apolo’s lyrics proceeds to summon the sexuality of the listener. In this case, the ladies! I must say, this is a classic late night rockies, regardless of location or set, POUND AM is an extremely arousing song. An African reconstruction of J.Holliday’s popular hit song; Bed, if I must imagine in retrospect.

Released by Marketing creative house JOC under his independent label Samfido Records, POUND AM is set to go viral! The clubs, the bedrooms, the lounges, the airwaves and all media outlets are set to consume this virus of a song and I for one must confess to its addictive nature.

In a recent chat with him, Apolo revealed that he is ready to resume releasing music for 2019 and POUND AM is the Genesis of his new tropical testament. Urging his listeners to keep their ears open for he intends to surprise them with countless dynamic audiovisual projects with the undoubted support of his media home JOC.

POUND AM is the third single off his forthcoming Extended Playlist Èjo and would be followed up with a video rumoured to be directed by internationally renowned Ghanian director, Joy Williams.

As we wait on these unscheduled promises, let’s feast, bump, love and pound to this new ‘gbedu’ POUND AM by the Fila crooner Apolo Imon.

Listen to the song below:


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