Do you remember GHOne TV’s Lerato Charlotte Letsoso? She is back this time in The Garden, her popular weekly column on  The Garden has been on since 2017 and over the years, we have seen even other sites and bloggers outsource its content.  All the more reason why the team decided to continue with a third instalment.  This time instead of Fridays, The Garden will now be published every Monday so all the avid readers should take note.

The Garden is a wellness spot and through it the author Lerato Charlotte Letsoso, shares with you  how you can achieve a holistic state of wellness.  “A lot of people think self care is an indulgence but it is not so, self care is respect.  It is a way of saying to yourself: I recognise you, I love you and I respect you.” says Lerato.

On The Garden this year, you can expect a series of articles that will be on various subject matters all addressing either, your body, mind or spirit in no particular order.  Kickstart your week in The garden, your wellness spot every Monday on because a healthy you is a happy you.

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