Hip pop and rap sensation Yaw Nanna has released a new year banger.

Waboka which is the title of the new track, produced by T double, plays out how money and love run on parallel axis these days.

The song tells us how men today, have accepted that to be able to have any women in Ghana you would have to be financially stable, else you would have no women.

Yaw Nanna disclosed that as much as some men would want the women that suit them without all the financial commitments, it has become necessary, whichever woman you want “Waboka” which literally means “you’re in debt”

Yaw Nanna is widely known for his singles Asabone, Take over and holiday.

Yaw Nanna is signed unto record label, Goldcoast Records partnering with UK record Label Chali Muzik.

As an entertainer, Yaw Nanna has won the hearts of many streets people, he blends twi and English in his raps which is his unique style.
More so because, they relate with his struggles, from rising up from jail and still pursuing his dreams in music.
YawNanna’s expectations for the new single is high, giving the amount of work that went into it.

Listen to the song below:

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