For his New Year’s message, rapper Maccasio, via a Flamez Beatz-produced record, charges his disciples to not relent in their aspirations toward better days.

Likening himself to a “one man soldier,” the franchise Zola act dishes out at detractors who expect his career to dip, stressing that with the support of his assiduous support base, it’s all upward from here.

Born Sherif Abdul- Majeed , and performing primarily in his native Dagbani, Maccasio is author of multiple well-received projects (including recently, “Dagbang, and “Basaa” ft. Article Wan), and regular curator of mammoth shows across the country.

Listen to “one Man Soldier” below:


He also talks about the fact that people think the Northern music is dying but will resurrect it.


It’s a new year and he is bringing huge pressure so people should watch out.


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