Beloved mellow rapper, Joey B issues a premium dose of musical nostalgia via his latest record, “Greetings From Abroad.” If you grew up in the 90s, the title of the joint instantly recalls ace broadcaster, Nana Adwoa Awindor’s travel series from back then.

A major hit on our screens at the time, Awindor’s programme was among cardinal methods for Ghanaians abroad to reconnect with family back home.

Joey’s nod to the beloved Awindor is not the only evidence of 90s anamnesis. Indeed, the record recalls the  Bessa Simons Burger Highlife classic,  “Awow Yi.” Accompanying visuals too, co-directed by Joey B (under his birth name Darryl) and GOLDYUNGE also render the 90s feel excellently. Opening with the classical advert for Rob ointment, it also drips with go-to landscape shots, and even the glitches the characterized TV rendering back in the day.

The joint, featuring regular collaborator, Pappy Kojo, is just another addition to offerings that betray Joey B’s longstanding fanaticism for the good old days.

Joey B is most widely-known for the 2014 anthem Tonga, which also earned him VGMA New Artist of the Year. He is author of the 2017 EP, DARRYL.

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