The Ghana Food and Drugs authority CEO, Delese Mimi Darko has duly endorsed Kasapreko Company Limited, Ghana’s indigenous beverage manufacturer with an International Standard Organization (ISO) certificate that produces alcoholic & non-alcoholic products and one of Africa’s leading giants and presented the company with the certification of HACCP, of which extol the brand for it continuous construction and implementation of food safety risk control measures in Africa. This simply means, Kasapreko Company limited legally meets the requirements and health stands of the Food and Drugs Authority to function in the manufacturing of assorted beverages.

HACCP certificate presentation to Kasapreko Company Limited was done by the CEO of Food and Drugs authority of Ghana. Mrs. Delese Mimi Darko at a brief ceremony, held at the head office of the leading beverage company, position on the Spintex Road, in Accra. The CEO of the Ghana Food and Drugs authority duly made the presentation of the HACCP certificate to the Company and its staff who successfully completed the HACCP course in the presence of the Media and dignitaries. This is eventfully the first time the CEO of the FDA has visited a major industry player for meeting the accurate requirements to function as a beverage manufacturer and health standards.

The HACCP is a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, known as the system/tool used to identify food safety risks and eliminate or reduce their occurrence or impact to a minimum by instigating critical control measures. Application of HACCP principles cuts through procurement of raw materials to storage, through production to warehousing and distribution of the food product.

Kasapreko Company Limited’s outstanding goal is to ensure complete safe food for its consumers and as a company, it can boast of over 26 solid brands.
At the point of the presentation, the CEO of the Food & Drugs Authority, Mrs Delese Mimi Darko appealed to Kasapreko Company Limited to expand it factory in the country and join the Ghana government’s one district one factory initiative.

The Kasapreko Company limited, to Emphasize on the other hand doubles up as the only company in the Ghanaian beverage industry with the International Standard Organization (ISO) certification, awarded by the World’s foremost inspection, verification, testing and Certification Company, the SGS Ghana.

Finance Director of the Kasapreko Company Limited, Mr Enoch Teiko labelled this day as a great day for Kasapreko Company. In his address, he stated; Kasapreko Company as a company has come extremely far in the production of food and the entire goal of the brand is very simple, to ensure that Kasapreko produces products that are safe and not poisonous, which people can consume and take with absolute confidence.

For us in Kasapreko, We know that implementing the HACCP brings a lot of benefits and one of the benefits that I will mention is that, it protects the consumers from food poison and foodborne illnesses – Mr Enoch Teiko affirmed.
Complete Benefits of HACCP to Kasapreko Company Limited.

• Improves Marketability of a company and brand image (Kasapreko joins the big boys in the Food and Beverage industries.)
• Protection of consumers from food poisoning and food-related illnesses (In other words, it provides the assurance that Kasapreko Company Limited products will not cause harm or illness to consumers)

• Improved consumer confidence in the organization’s product (In other words, provides assurance to customers that the Kasapreko Company products are truly safe for consumption)

• Affords legal protection for companies when the need arises (This means, the HACCP document can be used as a legal tool for defence of the organization’s products in the case of a customer complaint).

Kasapreko Company Limited has broken the news and guaranteed to set up a factory plant in Kumasi Next year.



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