With the growing benefits of football in the world today, talent development is one of the key ways to empower youth . Unity Gh is a nonprofit organization set up for youth empowerment and community development.

The group was formed in 2011by service minded and dedicated youth from Kokomlemle community (Panama), to address issues and challenges pertaining to the district, conflicts resolution, fostering unity and togetherness among the youth through the organization of various activities such as soccer tournaments, clean up exercise, health walks among others as well the organization of events to raise funds for charitable projects.

SYLVESTER ANDERSON, CEO of unity Gh organisers of the tournament said the event is to build capacity, provide support and integrate individuals into learning and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Unity Gh is collaborating with GIHOC to create an overwhelming sports experience to promote solidarity and youth development as well as a healthy community through its end of year activities.

Sports play a very important role in tackling many challenges faced by society. Such challenges may include; social exclusion, substance abuse, violence etc. Values such as tolerance, self-discipline, togetherness are mostly developed in the participation of sports disciplines.

For this reason, Unity Gh includes sporting activities such as Intercommunity soccer gala competition and Health walks in its yearly calendar packed with activities ranging from clean up exercises, charitable works and event organizations since the formation of the group.

This year intercommunity soccer gala competition will start from the 25th of November 2018 to 12th December 2018 at the Panama park near the Kokomlemle cluster of school (4 pm – 6 pm) daily.

The competition will see 16 teams from communities all over the Greater Accra Region battle it out to be the ultimate winners of the event through knockouts. Right after the football competition, the Health walk will be held on the 22nd December 2018 from 5am-12pm starting from the Panama park through its neighbouring suburb and back with diverse activities embodied in it.

The much-anticipated street jam will be held in the evening on the 24th December 2018 to climax the end of year activities. We urge the entire public to attend the various events to make it a success. Unity Gh is still open for partnerships and sponsorship to make this an even more impactful year.

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