Passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion or a desire, interest and belief in something. It’s the spice that triggers or contributes meaning or purpose to talent and career discovery.

Many people in their daily lives struggle to realize their talent. In situations where talent becomes uneasy to be discovered, passion paves the way for a desired dream or career to be uncovered and exploited. Passion gives you a focus and a goal to achieve and fight for.It sets the pace for a career goal for you when you are unable to discover your talent or settle on a career choice.

As mentioned in previous articles,the God factor is necessary in personal growth and career/talent development.Bringing in the God factor, passion can be aligned with faith. Comprehensively, both passion and faith call for a positive yearn for the accomplishment of a wish,dream,petition or goal. Faith and passion both define a strong belief in something.

Passion activates the disposition or temperament of faith to strongly believe in something or in the fulfillment of something which is of desirable interest to you. Passion coupled with faith urges you on to persevere during hard or tough moments in your talent journey or in your field of interest.

Passion creates a strong zeal or gives room for adventure,creativity and exploration. In the sense that, as passion is a strong desire and belief in something of your interest,you are moved to know more,experience more and find all routes and means to be successful in that field you are passionate about. Through this process, your drive (passion) pushes you to go deeper where you end up realizing certain hidden abilities or unearthing certain potentials in you that you were ignorant about. Passion fits in where talent fails or a person’s talent hasn’t been discovered.

In most cases, passion even gives life and motivation to talents.When practicing your talent becomes challenging that relentless passion for it keeps you striving hard and moving.

Though I fear to say,but talent with a passion that is dead is one that has already fallen on rocks.This is not to undermine or necessitate the insignificance of talent but to emphasize on the importance of passion also. The mere fact that you have a talent or have discovered a talent in you doesn’t guarantee success at the completion of your dream or goal. Through your journey of using your talent,struggles and challenges could trigger frustration and giving up but it’s passion that sparks the character or ingredient of perseverance,consistency and persistence in your expedition.

Passion is one of the greatest keys to an unfailing and successful talent or career expedition.To everyone struggling to discover your talent, focus or seek for your passion to build a career out of it. For all those who have realized their talents, grow with passion in your talent.

Achievements are gained with an inclusion of passion to your talent or goal.Passion arouses the ambitious character in you and makes you determined for success. Every talented person who has been successful did not do away with passion. Remember that, passion always beats talent where there are frustrations, losses and challenges.


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