Ghanaian Gospel musician Rev Mensah Bonsu has commented on the recent unfortunate fracas that ensued between Gospel musician Ernest Opoku and Ghanaian actress Nayas. Ernest Opoku had admitted in a previous interview of making a mistake by having an affair with the actress which resulted in a pregnancy. However, speaking with GN TV’s Pamela Boateng, Rev Mensah Bonsu has advised his colleague musician Ernest Opoku to seek forgiveness from Nayas so as to have peace of mind.

‘‘Whenever I sin, I rebuke myself and confess my sins to God. God did not come to condemn us. Condemnation is not biblical. When you wrong someone, you need to accept and ask for forgiveness and determine it won’t recur. It’s good Ernest says he’s sought forgiveness from God.

My problem is, if he hasn’t sought forgiveness from Nayas, he should do so, so she can freely forgive him. It is obvious Nayas is doing all these out of pain,’ Rev Mensah Bonsu said.

Commenting on the ongoing debate as to whether or not Gospel musicians should charge when invited to perform in churches, the ‘Nhyira’ hitmaker asserted that he will not fault any musician who charges as he believes the cunning ways of some Pastors have left them with no other option.

‘‘We all have different callings so I won’t condemn anyone. Some of my colleagues charge because of the dubious behaviours of some pastors. I once went to minister in a church and after the ministration; the host who was supposed to see to my welfare was nowhere to be found. Ideally, musicians shouldn’t charge

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