My #FutureGH campaign, which launched in June 2017, was in commemoration of the silver jubilee edition of Miss Ghana UK awards. Beside affording young ladies between ages 16 to 24 an opportunity to express their entrepreneurial prowess, the commemorative event and campaign was headlined by two young Ghanaian ladies, Sabina Lawabea, winner of Miss Ghana UK awards and  Edna Azumah Aninga, winner of My #FutureGH campaign.

This article takes a bite at what these eloquent and passionate ladies have been up to since emerging winners in their respective contests.


The Miss Ghana UK has over the years carved an enviable reputation as one of the most prestigious and enviable pageantry in the world. It does not come as a surprise that at its silver jubilee edition, Sabina Lawabea, will emerge winner.

Besides her subliming beauty and grace, Sabina proved her mettle on eloquence, presentation and clarity of vision. A graduate and currently an instructor in Training & Development Administrator at Kent in the United Kingdom, Sabina, who is currently in Ghana to spearhead a Miss Ghana UK Foundation sponsored project, has described her partnership with World Remit and Miss Ghana UK Foundation, as a fulfilling one.

‘‘My presence in Ghana is such a humbling experience. It is an opportunity I intend to relish and use to better the lots of my people here. While being optimistic about the impact of my intended project, I also remain grateful to World Remit and Miss Ghana UK Foundation for the opportunity to serve my people.


Since emerging as winner of the World Remit and Miss Ghana UK Foundation sponsored campaign, Miss Edna has used the craft, art and skill of her artistry and design and the GHC20,000 she received from World Remit and Miss Ghana UK Foundation, to initiate conversations and bring to the fore some social challenges that confronts her people in the Upper East region of Ghana. She has also sensitized her people on the socio-economic importance of the arts.

Speaking in an interview, a visibly excited Edna, expressed her profound appreciation to World Remit and Miss Ghana UK Foundation for such a novel and noble initiative.

‘‘My winning was a dream come true for me. It has proven impactful not only in my life but in the lives of people in my community. I cannot be more appreciative to World Remit and Miss Ghana UK Foundation for their foresight and support’’, she remarked.

Sharing a view on how the experience with World Remit and Miss Ghana UK Foundation has been, she noted that the mentoring she received as part of her package has not only bolstered her confidence and knowledge but also, it has helped her to overcome some of the challenges that gnaw at every young entrepreneur in Ghana.

She also shed some light on the importance of an Art Village to her career and that of her contemporaries who want to use the arts to better the lots of their communities. ‘‘The art Village represent a revolution in the transformational capacities of arts,’’ she observed.

As these ladies embark on their respective projects, we can only wish them the very best, expecting that their projects will spur many young Ghanaian ladies on their entrepreneurial journey.

World Remit

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Miss Ghana UK Foundation

Miss Ghana UK Foundation is the corporate social responsibility leg of Miss Ghana UK, a beauty pageant held in London for young ladies of Ghanaian descent resident in the United Kingdom. Since its inauguration, the Foundation has made appreciable gains in key sector, straddling education, youth empowerment and a host other national issues.

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