AMG rapper, Medikal, is is set to tour second cycle and tertiary institutions across the country with his  ‘Don’t Do Drugs’ campaign.

Te popular act (born Samuel Frimpong), explains the initiative as very dear to his heart, revealing that he has even lost a friend to illicit drugs.

“As a young man and musician, I see a lot of my fellow young ones these days using illicit drugs like it’s a new way. The way our future generation is trying so hard to make the use of drugs the new cool, is a serious bother”, he laments.

Medikal indicates that he’s not unaware of the impact he has on your folk –something he intend to leverage for something positive: “with all this abuse of the drugs such as Tramadol and codeine, I got so scared and worried for our future leaders. For that reason, my team and I decided to do something about it. That is how we settled on ‘Don’t Do Drugs’ campaign.

Touching on why he chose secondary schools, Medikal holds that the problem has to be curbed from the roots because these kids are the window of hope.

Details regarding the tour will be announced soon.

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