The Spanish Navy Ship “Infata Elena¨” will be visiting the Ghanaian city of Tema from April 6th to the 8th. The purpose of the visit is to contribute to the Ghanaian Navy’s effort in enhancing its military capabilities in the field of Maritime Security. This exercise will focus on Damage Control, Harbour Security, Maritime Interdiction Operations and others.

SPS Infanta Elena departed from the port of Cartagena on March 1st with a crew of 92, on a four-month deployment along the West African coast where a number of countries are expected to be visited, including Mauritania, Cape Verde Islands, Angola, Cameroon, Ghana, Saint Tome and Gabon.

This deployment seeks to enhance mutual cooperation with these countries in the framework of a Defence Policy Plan in the development of their respective naval capabilities whilst strengthening the Maritime Security in the region.

SPS Infanta Elena is the third of the “Descubierta” class corvette (F-33) built by Spanish shipyard company “EN Bazán” (currently “Navantia”) in Cartagena, where she was laid on September 1976 and commissioned on September 1980. In September 2005 she was redesignated as patrol vessel (P-76).

SPS Infanta Elena in currently allocated to the Spanish Maritime Action Force. Her main features make her self-capable of operating in different scenarios, becoming a very valuable unit, not only in conventional operations but also in humanitarian and peace endurance missions.

As of today, she carries out maritime surveillance and security missions. The surveillance over sovereignty spaces, the fight against the illegal drug trafficking and illegal immigration, and the protection of the archaeological submarine heritage are also among her multiple commitments.



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