We have taken many down,

Like bullets to the pits.

Great and small we took ’em

Into the hole all bodies fit.


To God, and free we did it.

Without taking a token.

Granting them sweet eternal rest,

Where none ever have awoken


Fervently we delivered them;

Old babies to her womb.

And prayed the last, to wish them luck,

And out before they locked the tomb.


You too were such a soldier.

A major badged with honour.

From times their warmth grew colder,

Till ICED you stayed in their corner.


So just as you did for them,

We shall reciprocate; brother.

And do it even grander

For payments, don’t you bother.


We shall hum sweet tunes;

Ringtones of death’s calling.

Then pat your back into transition;

See you land, whether rough or smooth; from the highest falling.


Then jazz, afro and funk:

Your final parlour shan’t be quiet.

Genres of all kinds,

Acapella, poems black and white.


Then finally we’ll lift you.

Oh no, they will. As we lead the solemn journey.

The same way you led the lot from salt;

You go to join the many.


Try your best to rest in a piece;

As we go back home.

Farewell to you comrade;

And enjoy your latest foam.



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