For thirteen years, rapper Okyeame Kwame and wife Annica have demonstrated the Ghanaian fairytale like no other.

Through the many hurdles that come with being married, the pair, who are parents to two lovely kids, have remained resolute in serving as both a model and beacon of hope to aspiring partners.

Via social media today, the musician has reiterated what a real treasure Annica has proven to be for him over the years. Extolling her exemplary qualities in an extensive ode, he lauded her role in their family, and her place by his side as wife.

He crowned the beautiful write up by asking that she marries him for “51 years more”.

Okyeame Kwame’s works include Bose Ba (2004), Manwesem (2008), The Clinic (2011), and The Versatile Show (2012). His laurels are numerous, including the topmost award in Ghana music —VGMA Artist of the Year (2009). His recent singles include Best Rapper Alive (B.R.A), Saucing (ft. Sir & Sante), and Hallelujah (ft. Aboki). He is also set to release a new album in coming months.

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