The eventual completion of digital migration in Ghana will come with the capability of local free to air (FTA) stations to post a detailed electronic programme guide (EPG) on their broadcast. This would allow viewers to better plan their viewing patterns and FTA’s provide more information on their content than ever before. In line with this premium Pay TV service provider MultiChoice Ghana organized a half day workshop for its FTA partners.

In a welcome address, Cecil Sunkwa Mills, General Manager, MultiChoice Ghana, said “our business has grown hand-in-hand with local economies by forging long-term partnerships with local broadcasters” and we at MultiChoice Ghana are proud of the contribution we make to our communities, and will not hesitate to share international best practice to impact positively on our local broadcast partners”. He added “the fast-changing lives of our viewer means they require more information on all media they consume than ever before.

He explains that set top boxes that will be deployed once Ghana concludes digital migration has the functionality of a TV guide which can be populated with programming details.  Currently all DStv and GOtv decoders on the market have this feature and subscribers are unable to schedule reminders on their decoders to watch or record their favourite show. Unfortunately, most of the local FTA’s do not have a functional EPG uploaded, leaving viewers in the dark on information on what they are watching or want to watch.

Facilitating the workshop, PR and Communications Managers, MultiChoice Ghana, Nii Amah Dagadu, took participants through the essence, requirements, functionality of the EPG and the benefits for both the TV station and viewers. Participants were drawn from the programming departs of the following TV stations available on DStv and GOtv TV3, GHone TV, Etv, Utv, TV Africa and Multi TV. There was a hands-on demonstration of how the EPG works on DStv and GOtv to reemphasize the lessons learnt.

Participants commended MultiChoice Ghana for this timely intervention adding that a notable feature to expect in the New Year will be an updated EPG on their DStv and GOtv feeds and ultimately on their channels when Ghana finally migrates onto the digital platform.




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