Accra Breweries Limited (ABL) has added ‘Stella Artois’, the second oldest beer in the world, to its stable of the product as a new brand of beer in the country.

The Head of Marketing at the ABL, Ewurafua Addo-Atuah, said ‘Stella’ is here to satisfy lovers of exotic beers.

Miss Addo-Atuah after the launch of ‘Stella Artois’ at Bistro 22, Labone, on Saturday.

According to her, “That one peculiar thing about ‘Stella’ [Artois] is its dedication to people who are interested in leaving a mark. There’s a space for any kind of beer in people’s consumption repertoire but for us at ABL, we want to make sure there’s a beer at each level of the category that suits people’s pallets.

“Sometimes one may be in need of a mainstream beer like Club, but if you’d want something more premium on a different occasion, we do have Stella [Artois] in our portfolio for you.”

The launch saw a number of dignitaries from the food and beverages and music and film industries, and other arts and culture-related fields. 

One of such personalities was Chris Attoh, the actor who emceed the event with Joselyn Dumas for the night.

Attoh also spoke to the paper. He stated that “This is a big deal for Ghana and beer lovers because aside South Africa, Ghana is the next country to launch the beer in Africa. With only 5% alcohol content, the Stella Artois rich and historical brand is built on the better life initiative and seeks to acknowledge people leaving a legacy.”

Songstress Efya and Manifest thrilled attendants on the night with riveting live music. They both performed with the Patch Bay Band.

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