FOKN Bois (consisting rappers Wanlov Da Kubovlor and M3nsa) are credited with making the world’s 1st & 2nd-1st Pidgen Musicals “Coz Ov Moni” 1&2 as well as 1st & 2nd Gospel Porn albums “Fokn Wit Ewe” & “Fokn Ode to Ghana”

Their popular show, FOKN Party returns this December . This year, the acts will stage a Concert Theatre titled “FOKN Ode To Ghana”, based off their latest album “FOKN Ode To Ghana” (available digitally on all platforms).

A number off surprise guests are anticipated on the night surprise guests, and organisers entreat patrons to “expect the unexpected”, and to “just chew the “FOKN Ode to Ghana” lyrics and come.”

The FOKN Party, slated for Alliance Française Accra on Saturday 9th December 2017, is organised by FOKN Bois in collaboration with Blank Creation Entertainment.

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