The Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Ms Sigrid Kaag arrives today, November 27, for a one-day visit. Since her taking office some weeks ago, Ghana is the first African country she visits.

The purpose of this visit is to the reaffirm and further strengthen the excellent relations between the two countries whose shared history dates back centuries.

Gradually, the focus has shifted from development cooperation to trade and investments, initiated by the Dutch “From Aid to Trade” Agenda. This aligns strongly with the Ghana beyond Aid Agenda, of the government of Ghana.  Empowerment of the private sector and entrepreneurship are considered to be the main engine for economic growth.  Minister Kaag emphasized that this focus is “Not only good for Ghana but also provides opportunities for Dutch companies and investors”.

Minister Kaag will be received by H.E. Vice President Bawumia. In the economic domain, opportunities for mutual trade and investments will be high on the agenda. Other elements of her visit include a meeting with some leading women in Ghana and Dutch entrepreneurs, and visits to the recently launched Safisana from waste to energy plant and the Blue Skies fruit processing plant, which both have benefitted from Dutch financial support.

Minister Kaag will continue her trip to Ivory Coast, where she will join Prime Minister Rutte and Minister Zijlstra (Foreign Affairs) to take part in the AU/EU Summit.

For more information, please contact the Netherlands embassy, Gladys Ofei at 050 1423688. #NLinGhana



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