Rap veteran Michael Elliot Kwabena Okyere Darko (better known in showbiz as Obrafour), continues to cause a peculiar nervousness in Ghana’s current music industry with his recent submissions –but then again, it is not entirely surprising as he’s the “Rap Sofuo”, and his every bar causes a nervousness.

Both this new song (No Vote), and Kasahari, the joint before it, are widely -perceived digs at contemporary rappers for their inability to keep the art at a higher standard. They were bot-h producedby XLM boss and respected producer JMJ, with whom Obrafour worked extensively on his Asem Beba Dabi album.

Especially due to his exploits with Pae Mu Ka (his 1999 debut), Obrafour is among the major voices in Hiplife.

Founder of Execution Entertainment, Obrafour is wrapping up his new album Obrafoforo. The CD follows other masterpieces as  Ntetee Pa,  Asem SebeTofa (Time out for Adhession)Pae Mu Ka, Execution Diary, Asem Beba Dabi, and Heavy.


Listen below:

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