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Photography & Spoken Word

#ENEWSGHPoeticLicence: Interpretation – ASFORD PSALMS



Meaning is vital in every facet of life.

Understanding is what makes purpose achievable.

And an understandable meaning is what drives thinking everything into completeness.


There are three sides to a coin.

The head; the tail and the curved rim which makes the coin have its shape.

Interpretation has the three sides of the coin.

The head; for the truth.

The tail; for the false.

And the rim as half way between the truth and false.


The understanding of meaning of a context lies with interpretation.

It is what drives internal conscious and unconscious thinking to external communication; communal interactions and global harmonization.

Interpretation is one hand that holds universal co-habitation.

No one can accurately understand a situation or context another man sees except him.

There is room for errors and they are generally based on interpretation.

When two people attempt to interpret to a degree, the same context, there will be tolerance.


Interpretation tries to define itself through comparison to a coin.

The truth is one; the false is, too.

But the curved rim makes the whole thing long.

When you toss a coin, either you get a head or a tail.

Truth can be told or false rolled.

But in our minds, the probability of the curved side in a toss, can’t hold.

And that is what makes the coin strong.

The thicker the rim, the stronger its faces.

The stronger the faces, the greater its power.


The coin of interpretation has given birth to many sisters.

Most of which are clearly sisters of confusion- in the religions, the sciences, economies and a lot more.

Religions have teased themselves with the pride of superiority.

Science has been linked to certain essence of religions.

Economies have tried to be sobered and has revolutioned to politics.

But the major human element which underlines these relatives is not often told because it is elusive, with or without caution.


Religons akin in many ways.

They have fundamental ideologies that binds their nature and principles.

They have scriptures, values, histories and tales which when subjected to human elements and understanding; its interpretation breeds the conflicts we all feel.

The same context can be read over and over again by different people and each tries to bring a differnt interpretation based on presumptive thrills.

And that blows the storm of chaos which have ravaged the world before the birth of time.


Even from the same home, science and religion have conflicted.

With creation, evolution and many other theories.

Religion has warred against science and science against religion on who and what forces holds the universe.

Religion has long been the opium of life and science tries to explain what is in life.

Human interpretation is what binds and the same drives them to wit ends.

For the more enligtened we get, the deeper the war rests.

And unless we read and perfectly interpret the hidden words in between the lines, the old times will never change.

The age of the sages will never end.

The room for thinking will never be shut.

The evolution in revolutioned will not end.

Human societies have created certain believes, teachings, wisdom contexts, economies and political warfield.

The tricks are ideological philosophies and they too need to be expounded.

Interpreting them creates the confusion that loots man of its sanity into pockets, at most, those with greed and unjustified wickedness.


In simple fact, you either interpret from the rim to the face, for the truth.

Or you interpret to the tail for the false.

Humans will always interpret to suit their understanding and purpose.

It’s just simple.

It is one of the things that brings the hue into a man.




Asford psalms.




Photography & Spoken Word

#ENEWSGHPoeticLicence: Escape – Asford PSALM



Up-above or down-below, there’s so much but nothing to show.

Down-below or up-above there’s everywhere but nowhere to go.

The option is a smiling face yet a hurting heart;

A sweating face mixed with tears which cannot be abate.

A mustard seed faith which is damned by fate.

There is an exigent need to escape.

Yet; beneath the reflection is a mountain of everything and nothingness;

Its peak dwells deep down into the earth.

Beneath the reflection of this calm river are waves that speaks with no still voice.

A sun as pale as the moon;

A sky without birds;

And clouds as jagged as a curse.

Beneath the reflection is a person whose world has been turned upside down.

Exigency beckons for an escape!

But within that same reflection there cannot be an escape for the poor soul.

Escape cometh by deflection.


by Asford Psalm


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Photography & Spoken Word




Life is a gift.

Our being on earth.

Our existence, leaves far too many unanswered questions.

Marvelously, the more we try to comprehend, the more complicated it becomes.

The more we try to discover, many doors we do create with more questions needing answers behind them.


The Supernatural force of creation, let onto us; ‘grace’ and a much bigger scope of possibilities.

The possibility of ‘what is’, ‘what could be’, ‘what is not’, and why we should fail even before another possibility arises.


There are no mistakes in life.

A deed today; be it positive or otherwise, has a role in nature’s path to perfection.

Each string of humanity, every possibility, every single thought and idea, every failure, every success, countless disasters, brutalities and every single action of who so ever, is perfection.

There is a greater picture of life than just living.

What you choose to see is up to you.

When and what you think is your own perquisite initiative.


Life is a fairy tale.

At least, that is what the young soul might think.

Could they be wrong?

How we see life is an extension of our imagination, far and exceedingly above what is by sight.

Life is living with a foot in the past, the other in the present and our greatest tool; the mind, on the future.

And this does not limit our transition to being the bigger man.

Being the bigger man in the picture is mostly life in its entirety.

It’s being the better you.


Being better than you were years, days, hours or even seconds ago.

Challenging yourself to every inch of possibility and opportunity known to even circles beyond.

It is about accepting what is and not.

It is about giving-in every stroke of ink to the bigger painting than what you possibly see at an arm stretch away.

It is about giving that hand;

Sharing that space;

Being fueled by the negativities;

Seeing through the pain;

Feeling that shame and standing right back up at where you lost your name;

It’s about being hurt, shedding those tears;

Having many fears, loosing as many as possible ‘dears’;

Falling down, rising back up;

Sharing that simple smile;

Getting angry, losing control and coming right back on track;

Falling apart, gathering every broken piece together;

It’s about being curious, living an adventure, going an extra mile, fracturing your parts, limping on them;

It’s about living in the shadows and coming out with a body;

It’s about doing the wrongs;

Apologizing for what is due;

It’s about righting the wrongs.

Making the best out of each flaw;

Facing your demons;

Praying to live on;

Hoping for the best;

Living the present;

Hoping to avert the worst;

It’s about dreaming big;

Thinking fast and being smart.


Life is short for regrets.

Life is about knowing when to say ‘Yes’ and staying firm to your ‘No’.

It’s about being strong when weakness wants to get you on hold.

It’s about being defined and re-defined

Being molded and re-molded.

It’s about coming out with an extra lining of excellence.

Life is just a fascinating intangible.

Its drive is faith.

A hope of a better future than the past.

And the living of the present.


Life is worth living but not dying for.

When all goes wrong; raise your head up high, face the sun and as you hope for a change, make it.

If all is well, be thankful.


Life is a gift.

An imagination waiting to be made possible not only by chance but by actions.


Asford psalms

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Photography & Spoken Word

#ENEWSGHPoeticLicence: Grounds that feet walk on – Asford PSALM!



The sun is over the horizon;

Kissing the peak of the mountains.

The clouds glees over the earth;

And they foresee every birth;

Birds, man and those not on land.

I am jealous but not for something on land.

Have you seen the birds fly and sing;

They don’t mind whistling through the wind.

Have you seen the wind itself and how it flies without wings?

I don’t know if it has its own problems, but at least it freely flies

I’m jealous of how it sings without a voice or being reminded its key was off choice.


I’m jealous of the wind, sky and whatever that flays within.

The clouds morphing into whatever and dancing to that which the wind sings;

The sun’s rays flirting for a pathway through;

And even the free fall of rain drops or moist dew.

I’m jealous of the wind and all it has and can do.

The power it has over how I breathe through my nose and without it, who knows?

The places it goes, where men dare not.

When it blows in its own time without anyone daring to bless it with a fine.


I’m jealous of the sun and all that he knows.

I’m jealous of the moon and her beauty she shows.

I’m jealous of the night stars that glitters than gold.

Ultimately, I’m jealous of nature- those parts that’s above our legs.

Because here on earth, on the grounds that men walk, there’s nothing to be jealous of unless you prefer to cry or better yet, die!




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Photography & Spoken Word

#ENEWSGHPoeticLicence: Self-ish-less – Asford Psalm



Consider oneself less, lest others perception of you will be of a mongering nature- Selfish.

Selfishness is the inclination towards oneself.

But to what extent does an act qualify to be selfish?

If unclear, act selfless.

Consider yourself less and others’ perception of you shall be just.

Isn’t that hypocritical?


To what extent does an act qualify to be selfless?

Well, that’s an easy say.

What of- which act does a man perform and not consider himself; whether last or even first?

The problem others have is yourself being first.

How hypocritical?

The hypocrisy that lies within is ‘self’.


Selfishness or selflessness, to what extent does an act commit to be either?

Is it even a matter?

Because the very innate of human is the sober reflection of self in the prism of life.

Selfish or selfless, the words themselves have ‘self’ therein-

If a man does good, he does for himself;

And an act today is a consideration for tomorrow.

So then, which of them has no ‘self’ thereof?


If a man considers himself less, he is a hypocrite.

If he considers himself first, he is also a hypocrite.

Which is greater, does it matter?

Self is everywhere.

You need not agree.

However, look at the very innate of man.

It is carved beautifully within.

Whatever side you want to view it;

Whether from your side or the perception of others;

Whether for the image you want to portray or the true nature you want to slay;

Accept or deny it, there is one word left astray- Hypocrisy!

And it is an innate of man.

I only judge because one is clearly visible than the other.

How hypocritical of me?


Asford Psalms



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Photography & Spoken Word

#ENEWSGPoeticLicence: Anthem – ASFORD PSALMS



What do you feel when you hear the nation’s anthem being played?

How do you feel when you see our flag being waved?

Do you put your right hand on the area of your heart to promise on your honor?

Has everything become some sentences bundled together that we recite in leisure?

How do we commune with the words therein, what does it stand for?

Where did we come from; where are we; what do we want; how do we get what we want and so forth?

So many things seemed to have been wronged.


Do we even care to know?

Where we came from, how we got here, what do we want- the simple, ‘how’, ‘what’, ‘where’.

If we have ignored these simple things, then how will we know where we want to rightly go?


The blackness of the Star is pale.

Just as the flag itself has become frail for the many hours it has waved in the unhidden rays of the sun.

Burning off during the day and cooling off at the sight of the moonlight.

And that’s all we have come to be!

Another article within the sun’s reach; working all day for God knows what and resting at night.

That’s all left to see; nothing quickening our might.


Remember when the Red in the flag stood for the blood shed by our fore fathers; the Gold representing our essential riches; the Green, our supreme vegetation and the Black Star, the Hope of Africa?

It is right that I used ‘remember’ because our now has met a redefinition.

Red: Our senseless struggles for the greens and golden riches where in actuality it’s rather the next in within the flag.

Where’s our sense of priority?

Painting the city red with blood from a redefined course to all extent to gain wealth and riches.

Oh! Not to talk of the senseless struggle for bunch acknowledgement certs which certifies that we have spent many years over-learning and not working with it.

Most times we work, is for self and to enjoy later at night when we again paint the city red with carpets.


How about the Gold?

That’s the order of the day.

Our self-search for enrichment.

For that we are bold!

Our greed has over shadowed the Black Star which cuts across the belly of the gold.

On a scale of on-to-ten, can we value the hope left within the Black Star amidst the endless battle and greed for gold?


The Green, what’s left of it?

Trees being cut down; no replant, no regrowth.

Green is being made out so money corrupts the fold.



What is left of our nation?

The one our fore fathers left for us?

The very same our present-past fathers have corrupted.

And if we think it’s fair to shed the blame to them, wait to hear what our children will do to us for not righting their wrongs.

Because they too will be left with either of two options; continuing with that we leave for them or cleaning our mess.

And that’s an endless cycle for those next.


What do you feel when the anthem is being played?

Is it a call to quicken our spirit for Ghana or to sharpen your wits?

How do you feel when the flag is being waved?

Is it pride for Ghana or for thyself?

Let us find our lost honor before we pledge to Ghana.

For if we are lost, there’s no fidelity in the path that we carve for others.

Greed and self doesn’t make our nation stand tall and strong except thyself.

There’s no way the tyres of a moving vehicle can be changed as it wheels in motion.

There’s nothing as being too late.

And it is better if we start now!

It is time to flap on our beautifully woven Kente cloth, put the colouful beads on our wrist and slide our feet into the kingly Ahenema.

It is time to move forward our heavy feet to grace the occasion.

There’s no better time than now.

It is time to move on.


God Bless Our Homeland Ghana!


Asford Psalms

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Volta Hotel to Host Happy FM Dream Wedding Best Couples



As part of the Honeymoon packages for the Best three couples from the just ended Happy FM Dream Wedding, Volta Hotel at Akosombo in the Eastern Region will on Saturday March 3rd host the couples.

The three couples, Mr. and Mrs. Nutakor, Mr. and Mrs. Ologo and Mr. and Mrs. Acquah were adjudged the best three couples during the Happy FM Dream Wedding which took place on February 14 at Cleaver House in Accra.

These three couples will enjoy a Honeymoon treat which includes a 2-night stay at the plush Volta Hotel.

According to Kwesi Sarpong, Programmes Manager for Happy FM, the three couples will begin their Honeymoon treat at Volta Hotel on Saturday.

The Happy FM Dream Wedding is a fulfilment of a social responsibility of the station and the event takes place each year on Valentine’s Day.




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